The celebration of Christmas in 2020 was really different from the last few years because nobody can predict that this situation will happen. Pandemic, which does not stop, encouraged the ministry to publish the new rule that all of the Christmas prayer and New Year’s celebration must be conducted at home virtually. This caused huge shock to all Christian families, for they cannot meet together with all family members and felt the usual term of December. Most of the people innocently ask and blame each other, for they have believed this is planned and created by irresponsible people. Actually neither can the government know the case because there are many speculations about Covid-19, even though people have to believe this happened according to God’s permission.

The education system has rapidly changed, all classes must be conducted virtually, many students freely access the internet, and new challenges have come to be passed by all parents as a supervisor of young learners. The Education Ministry has informed an ultimatum for students to study virtually, but some of the people in rural areas are definitely difficult to own smartphones for accessing the internet. The parents in other cases should purchase new items of technology, yet they have to pay attention to their children because children sometimes watch the viral negative videos as they have seen in social media.

The big question is how can people deal with this huge case that affects all sectors of life?

Plenty of policies had been enacted by the government to decrease the negative impact of this pandemic. Starting from giving internet quotes freely, honoring the teacher and unemployed workers, and giving money to parents are several best ways as the solution. One school which is not massively affected by this huge pandemic is Pandhega Jaya Christian Senior High School (PJ) due to the fact that it has been providing computers and tablets for students since a few years ago. Even though students’ parents are facing the same problem, the students are able to be served well.

However, a post on Facebook about an innocent child asked his Mom ”can God bless us virtually?” It sounds like a joke, but it is definitely reasonable. None of the media social users can eschew the sins caused by technology as long as they have been using it for a time. People celebrating Christmas and praying virtually can access the naked site and that is real. The phone for Truth, The Phone for Sins is a huge problem which is worse than covid-19 case.

How can we spread love if our Almighty God does not bless us virtually?

Let’s consider it !


By : Herman Yufran Tafui, S.Pd. (guru bidang studi Fisika dan bimbingan Toefl)